We are glad to greet you on our Katrin - Pluss NT OÜ home site!

     Flax is, indeed, unique creation of the nature.

     The flax is much harder-wearing fabric than cotton, twice steadier to destruction on light.
The flax clothes are perfectly stored and become softer after washing. The flax absorbs
moisturewell and quickly dries up.

     KATRIN-PLUSS NT OÜ was founded in 2004 based on Estonian capital.
The essential activity is modeling, manufacturing and selling the flax clothes. The exclusive
dresses with the elements of the manual embroidery, hats, trousers, tunics, linen footwear
and bags are in the range of goods. There are cloths, napkins for tables, kitchen towels and
aprons for the household.

     The firm manufacture and sell the clothes of high quality, which are made from the flax
and frote, for the sauna and spa-centers. The male, female and children's complete sets, the
sauna skirts, turbans with the elements of the beautiful embroidery, dressing-gowns, towels
and the sheets for the sauna arein the range of the goods.

     We carry out the orders of the individual sewing.