• for woman;
  • for man;
  • hats;
  • boots;
  • bags;

  • SAUNA:                                   

  • For woman sauna kit
  • For men sauna kit
  • Men sauna skirt
  • Woman sauna turban
  • Men sauna hat
  • Woman dressing-gown
  • Woman dressing-gown
  • Men dressing-gown
  • Men dressing-gown
  • Flax
  • Sauna towel

         Consumers` characteristics of the flax are very high.The flax is useful
    for the health of the person and the flax goods are convenient in use. Consumers`
    characteristics of the flax are very high. The linen clothes do not stop up pores,
    provide the good ventilation of the skin, and promote more intensive circulation
    of the blood, the stimulation of an organism and reduction of its fatigability.

          The clothes from the linen fabrics are simply irreplaceable in summer hot
    days as in them is much more cooler. The pure linen clothes are crumpled during
    the wearing. There are not demerits at all, but there are merits, which point out
    the every indication of the natural origin of the material. Linen towels, napkins
    never leave the glass fibred.

                        The general recommendation of wash and care

         Ordinary washing powder and soaps can be used for the washing flax products
    without any apprehension, taking into account of the producer’s reference of

  • White linen fabrics can be washed at temperature 95C (203F).
  • Color linen fabrics can be washed at temperature 60C (140F).
  • The special attention should be given to the linen fabrics with the embroidery.
    Such goods are recommended to be washed at temperature not above 40C (104F)
    by hand or in automatic washing machines with the installed mode "the delicate

  •      Owing to the characteristics of the natural flax, this fabric dries very quickly.
    The usual temperature modes should be used for the ironing. It is necessary to
    iron the slightly damp linen product or to use the function of the steam before
    the ironing. Get smoothed the material out and slightly stretch it to its normal size.
    Iron on the inner side, especially the color fabric.

         The essential activity is modeling, manufacturing and selling the flax clothes.
    The exclusive dresses with the elements of the manual embroidery, hats, trousers,
    tunics, linen footwear and bags are in the range of goods. There are cloths, napkins
    for tables, kitchen towels and aprons for the household.